Hope against breast cancer! Donate yer bras!!!!

This morning The Hope Bar & Eatery hosted a coffee & cakes morning to raise funds for Against Breast Cancer. There was cupcakes, balloons, cappuccinos, cocktails & a bra bin!
This morning was set up to raise funds for Against Breast Cancer & I can’t stress how important it is to support charities like this that make such a difference in research to bring a future without breast cancer as close to the present as possible.
Against Breast Cancer take a different approach in which their main focus is to combat ‘secondary spread’. This is the main cause for breast cancer related deaths. Against Breast Cancer invest in research, in education & they do not test on animals. 
Breast cancer will be beaten eventually & it is so important to donate to help charities fund research to discover effective treatments. 
You were maybe wondering why ‘Donate yer bras!!!!’ is in the title of this post… Well! Against Breast Cancer are collecting all your old bras & recycling them to fund their work! I thought this was a really symbolic gesture & helps to raise awareness. They receive approximately £700 per tonne of donated bras so get rummaging & do that big clear out you’ve been meaning to do for ages! Not only do they recycle bras, they recycle tonnes of other things like clothes & mobile phones to fund the research.
The Hope will have their bra bin until the end of the month so come make sure it’s full so they can recycle as many as possible! Every bra helps! Here are a couple I donated earlier… Obviously the pretty ones were used for the picture!

We were given a cappuccino & some seriously tasty… & a bit booby cupcakes! 
The Hope will also be serving the Think Pink cocktail all this month. It’s cherry vodka, violet liqueur, grenadine & lychee juice. It’s like a fruity parma violet explosion! & it’s super pretty & pink, so you need to try it!
The Hope is at 6-8 Waterloo Street in Glasgow. Just off Hope Street across from the Grand Central Hotel.
Thank you for a lovely morning & I was so happy to donate to further the development of treatments for breast cancer. This is a topic close to my heart as my Mum suffered an aggressive form of breast cancer & has had multiple operations, treatments & chemotherapy. Research & development of new treatments is so important because it increases chances of survival & can significantly improve quality of life after you kick cancer’s butt! Just think how far cancer treatment has come in the past 10 years, I hope in another 10 years time that cancer treatments are even more effective!
So if you can’t make it down to The Hope, please donate online: DONATE HERE!!
£5 buys 10 pairs of sterile laboratory gloves, 100ml of cell culture liquid or other vital laboratory consumables required for breast cancer research.
£10 buys 100 sterile pipette tips for transferring accurate amounts of liquid and cells during an experiment.
£15 buys a sterile flask and the liquids needed to grow human breast cancer cells in the laboratory to test new treatments.
£50 pays for the assessment of the properties of an anti-breast cancer antibody, to help scientists determine if it could be useful in new treatments or to help vaccine design.
As you can see, every penny counts!
So get donating & get those bras cleared out!!!

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