Charity bargains!

Okay, so who doesn’t love a bargain??? I am the self proclaimed queen of charity shopping & can’t big up charity shopping enough! First of all, you’re donating to a good cause, secondly, you’re paying a fraction of retail prices & most importantly, you can discover super unique finds that no one else has! 

Here’s a couple of amazing pieces I have found recently!
Globe shirt from Marie Curie in Govanhill, Glasgow
This amazing shirt was only £2 & I had so many compliments on it… I was the only person in the bar with shoulder pads… But the bigger the better!
And today’s amazing purchase!!! These were £2.50 from a charity shop in Cumbernauld Shopping Centre. I saw these as soon as I walked in the shop. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. All I could think was daft 90s glam cowgirl… Odd combination but I’m loving it. 
Top tips for charity shopping!!!!
1. Look at all sizes of clothes, or even the men’s section, oversized can look good too or if you’re handy with a sewing machine even better!
2. Out of town charity shops often have more weird & wonderful things! Don’t stick to the city centre.
3. Have an open mind. If you’re looking for something specific you’ve got less chance of finding it. Charity shops are a treasure trove of unwanted items/ vintage goodies, be patient & the perfect thing for you will pop up!


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