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Is character dining in Disneyland Paris worth it?

The amount of people that warned me about how expensive everything in Disneyland was astronomical! But you can’t put a price on magic can you?

When I visited this year I knew that I was going to book a character meal because I’m an overgrown child. I opted for booking Auberge De Cendrillon in Fantasyland as there wasn’t a huge price difference between a buffet & the sit down meal. Oh & I desperately wanted to meet the princesses! 

To begin we had mocktails & cheese gougeres. At this point in the day I was starved so these little canapés went down a treat! The bread was unfortunately a little hard & the butter had come straight from the fridge so spreading was a chore!

To start I had king prawns roasted in saffron butter with veg. The starter tasted pretty good but again, I was starving so I ignored the greasy plate! 

Now that’s a sorry looking piece of fish… I opted for the turbot & risotto. The turbot was overlooked & just disappointing! However, I did quite enjoy the risotto.

The cheese board was nice but again, terribly average. I had read a lot of reviews of Auberge Cendrillon before booking, some were great, some were terrible so I decided to risk it! I feel that I perhaps made a bad choice on my main but overall where the food was concerned I was disappointed. I probably would have sent my main back if I hadn’t been so famished! 

However, the character experience was amazing! The princesses were beautiful & everything I remembered from when I was a child. 

The food was definitely sub par, not worth €75 at all but the character experience is what you’re paying for I suppose? Queuing to get a photo with the characters is tiring when you’re queuing the rest of the day for rides. I don’t regret the character meal because I had lots of fun but on refection… that food was not what I’d hoped for! I’ll maybe queue an hour to see the princesses & go to McDonalds next time! 

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