Sailor Jerry’s Open House

For one month only, Sailor Jerry has arrived in Glasgow for a series of pop up events in an abandoned industrial building in Finnieston.

I was lucky to get invited to the sold out opening event with a special performance by Honeyblood. It was amazing to see them live at this small, special event. Rum, good music & pretty surroundings is all you really need for a good night!

The venue is decorated head to toe in neon lights and there’s loads of quirky ornaments scattered about!

The Sailor Jerry theme runs strong throughout the venue but the main focus, of course, is the bar! I tried my very first Sailor Jerry’s and Irn Bru, an odd accompaniment to spiced rum but it’s a pairing I’ll definitely be making again!

To kick off the month of Sailor Jerry’s madness, a 3m tall pin up hula girl visited Glasgow! Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’ most famous pin up has to be the hula girl and I can’t think of a better way to let people know Sailor Jerry is in town.

Just a reminder, this venue is only open for a month so I recommend that you check out their Facebook to see the upcoming events!

21st Feb: An Audience With Frank Carter

Getting to know the man behind the tattoos

21st Feb: Sailor Jerry Presents: Frank Carter

Acoustic gig with Frank Carter & band mate Dean Richardson.

24th Feb: Jerry’s Open House Presents

Discovering new & local bands with Sailor Jerry

6th March: Jerry’s Open Word

A night of stories & tales to make you laugh & cry

15th March: Jerry’s Open House: Wrap Party

A finishing party with a BANG!

Thanks again for the lovely people at Sailor Jerry for inviting me! What an amazing venue, my only criticism is that it should be a permanent fixture!

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