The Spiritualist: Forecasting this years spirit trends

Have you ever considered how on season your drinks choices are? After seeing a million insta pics of Pornstar Martinis, the same old gets boring!

The Spiritualist bar on Miller Street have forecasted four trends that they believe we’ll be seeing more of in 2018. Here’s a sneak peek of what this year has in store.

1. Grown up soft drinks

It’s no secret that sophisticated soft drinks have been on the rise over the past few years, I myself am partial to a rose lemonade. Franklin & Sons is a great representation of a tasty low calorie soft drink that’s ideal for designated drivers but can also be used as a mixer! FYI the ginger beer goes great with Bothy Gin’s Gunshot Gin ? They have a selection of light & refreshing tonic waters that emphasise the botanicals in your gin of choice. What’s the point in ordering good quality gin with a low quality tonic eh?

2. Superfood cocktails

Goji berries, seaweed, chia seeds… The ingredients in this cocktail don’t seem like they belong in a juice cleanse, not an alcoholic beverage. However, the more health conscious among us may be swayed towards a drink that has perceived health benefits right?

The gin infused chia seeds looked pretty unusual but trust me, this was one damn good cocktail!

3. No sugar/Low sugar cocktails

How many people do you know that are giving up sugar or at least cutting down? I’ll make an educated guess that it’s probably a few at least. I’m constantly hearing how bad refined sugars are for you. Fruit flavoured drinks & sugary snacks are the enemy when you’re trying to lose weight or up your health game but a cocktail with little or no sugar, surely this mythical beast can’t be real?

The Sweet Enough cocktail was spicy with sweet notes. (My favourite cocktail of the night!). This proved that cocktails don’t need to be loaded with sugar to taste pretty amazing!

4. Low alcohol cocktails

Similarly to preceding trends, low alcohol drinks are arguably better for you & means you can enjoy more drinks or savour the ones that you do have without the impending hangover. It’s very easy to get carried away & the trend of low alcohol cocktails makes mid week drinking seem a whole lot easier… Is this genius or dangerous?

A massive thank you to The Spiritualist & to Franklin & Sons for an informative & fun night! If you haven’t visited already, make sure that it’s on your to do list!

Thanks for reading!


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