Raise the Bar Cocktail Event: Review

If you read my last blog post you might be wondering how Raise the Bar’s first cocktail night panned out… I can’t remember… Well, I can for the most part and it was everything I had hoped for plus a massive hangover. (Probably my fault since I went to The Shed after!)

We started the night with a couple of cocktails then on to the rum cocktail station. Dillon showed us how to make the Mangoes to Cuba cocktail and then we made some ourselves. These stations are as interactive as you want them to be & there’s help at hand if you forget the ingredients! After this, I made my own take on the Daiquiri with mango & passionfruit. (My new favourite!)


The second station was a gin tasting session, pretty similar to the set up at some gin festivals! We tried six gins neat & enjoyed the perfect serve of our chosen gins. My favourite was the Isle of Bute Oyster gin (trust me, it’s amazing). I paired this with a light Franklin & Sons tonic and some sliced pepper. If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend it.


So… after a few rums and a substantive amount of gins, we moved on to the final in station. This station was interactive with cocktail making again… and this time it was a race! As someone who is competitive sober and even more so inebriated, beating my friend to make a Hibiscus Sour was LIFE AND DEATH. Eggs were flying, ice was spilled and you can bet your ass I won!


After the hilarity of the speed cocktails, we had a chance to make our own recipe and impress the experts. The ‘Bryan Cherry’ was my concoction: Havana Especial, Cointreau, cherryade and fresh lime over ice! (P.S. cherryade is the fizziest liquid known to man, do not shake!!!)


Overall, this was a super fun night and I learned a lot in regards to cocktail making and different gins. The team at Raise the Bar did an amazing job for their first cocktail night and it was a success! These nights are amazing value for money and a great way to spend time with friends. Cocktails, competitions and booze are a great combo don’t you think?


The team at Raise the Bar are planning another event due to the success of their introductory cocktail event. Check out their facebook to vote on the theme (I’m voting for 80s disco!). 

You can check out their Facebook here & keep your eyes peeled for news about their next event!

Fionn x


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